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    Team Twenty20 Cycling

    Team Twenty20 Cycling

    Twenty20 pro cycling gear in stock and ready to ship

    Twenty20 Collection Notes:

    The Twenty20 collection is made up of the Athlos Split Zero Collection. Split Zero is race cut; aero and form fitting. Split Zero delivers the ultimate in performance without compromise. These are the exact garments the racers are competing in on the global stage. 

    • Competitive/Race Fit
    • Athlos Biomorphic design produces fluid movement while enhancing comfort and performance
    • HP Compressor side wraps provide compression to support muscles while speeding recovery
    • Aera Ultra Boost chamois, super light, quick drying and highly breathable for seamless movement and support
    • New and improved laser cut silicon 57mm grippers provide compression and reduce wind resistance
    • A-Vent Mesh light bib straps provide excellent moisture transfer, odor resistance, and dry fast

    For easy reference see the Athlos size guide


     If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-994-9974 or  info@athlosports.com

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